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Lugares de Canción de Hielo y Fuego

The Wall is a 700′ wall of solid ice meant, like Hadrian’s Wall in Britain or China’s Great Wall, to repel invaders from the great wild lands north.

It was created by ‘magic’ by the original Valerian conquerors, but this concept was the least satisfying challenge, being a very difficult castle to depict realistically.

Eastwatch by the sea. My 15th painting of an imagined castle from Westeros.

It is described as dark, massive, haunted and cursed, and showing evidence of the dragon attacks long ago.

It is described as a series of towers and keeps set upon sea stacks, but instead of trying to show all of that, I narrowed it to the Seastone Chair connected by its precarious rope bridge…

The town of King’s Landing grew up around The Red Keep, the great Royal Seat of all Westeros. Beyond in the rainy mist we see The Great Sept of Baelor, a Westeros equivalent of Westminster Abbey.

This is among the most fanciful castles, and a pleasure to depict upon its precarious perch halfway up The Giant’s Lance. Note the Sky Cells, open-sided dungeons exposing prisoners to the elements…

G.R.R.M. was careful to describe this ancient burg in the south, seven-stepped and (my suggestion) seven sided, rising above an even more ancient original fortress at the lowest level.

Chapter piece for The Complete Guide to the Ice and Fire Universe.

The tale begins with the Starks of Winterfell, described as a very ancient, sprawling and massive castle with double walls, so I decided to focus in on the main gatehouse and winter village.

Game of Thrones art by the brilliant artist Ted Nasmith. The captions above are from his website on each picture page.